Consider A Holiday Gift For Your Computer Repair Tech If These Instances Have Occurred

Posted on: 30 March 2017


If you take your home computer to the same repair shop several times throughout the year, you shouldn't feel obligated to show up around the holidays with a small gift. However, if you feel that the technician who handles your work goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary service, a holiday gift can be a good idea. A gift card for a local sandwich shop or coffee shop are simple gift ideas that can express your satisfaction with the repair shop's service. Here are some instances that you may have encountered that could compel you to buy a gift.

The Tech Is Generous With The Hourly Rate

When you drop your computer off with a problem, you'll be able to see a sign that indicates how much the shop charges per hour. However, at some shops, the technicians will be generous with that time estimate. For example, a technician may need to keep the computer for two business days, but when you arrive to pick it up, you've only been charged for one hour of labor. This is good news for a customer who may have been expecting a hefty repair bill. If you've been in this situation, a holiday gift can send a clear message of how much you appreciate the way you're treated.

The Tech Puts A Rush On Your Repairs

Sometimes, you won't be able to live without your computer for very long. If you work from home and your computer has a problem, for example, every hour that it spends at the shop is costing you money. If you drop off your computer to be repaired and explain your predicament, some technicians will put a rush on the repair work for you. For example, your tech may do everything within his or her power to have your computer back to you before the end of the day. This top-notch service is certainly deserving of a holiday gift.

The Tech Throws In Additional Services For Free

When you take your computer into the repair shop for one issue and the technician notices something else wrong, he or she may address this issue without charge. For example, if you're getting your computer sped up after a period of slow performance, the technician may clean out the inside with compressed air and even run a scan to remove any malware on your machine. These add-ons are an example of exemplary customer service.

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